Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

Hello Beautiful People! It’s my sincere hope that you’ve had a safe and joyous Holiday Season! Happy New Year! It’s officially 2015, and it’s my most sincere hope that you, yes, YOU, (the beautiful person reading this post) & your loved ones have a wonderful year ahead!!  Even though I had absolutely no plans to go out to celebrate New Year’s Eve; I still got cute, you know, for my “Solo-Dolo Party of Exactly 1” LOL… Heeeeyyyyyy, I might be alone, but it doesn’t mean I can’t look cute to bring in the New Year. After my evening shower, I threw on some cute purple, magenta, lilac and white plaid pajama pants accented with  the thinnest, strategically placed gold vertical lines. I paired it with an off the shoulder grey belly top. I quickly swept my hair into a top knot. Added a few coats of mascara to my eyelashes, and as I put on my 2nd coat of lip gloss, I was super excited at the mere thought of all the possibilities of this New Year of life!
This is the start, to what I hope will be an even more successful year, both professionally and personally for my loved ones, as well as, myself!  All I ever want in life, is for the beautiful souls that surround me to win! You know, achieve their personal best. If there’s absolutely anything I can do to assist them in achieving their goals, dreams, opportunities or aspirations; then I will do everything within my power to help them; you know, as long as it’s legal!!! I’m just keeping it all the way real with you, because this pretty #BrokendownBlackBarbie is NOT about that jail/prison life! Anyway, as I was saying... I have this feeling, like a “for sure” kind of feeling, you know that feeling, like its waaaayyy down deep in the bottom of your diaphragm, or even as far down as the soles of your feet?!?!  Either way, I just have this feeling that anything and everything we desire & work hard towards within 2015; CAN & WILL be achieved & well received, but, most importantly, appreciated & valued!
I can’t get with making resolutions. I am however, all about periodically doing introspective work. I want to make sure that I’m maturing properly and living up to the high standards that I hold acceptable for myself. So far, I’m on the correct path, I’m proud of myself and my accomplishments.  I am still working on things, as we all are. You know, we humans tend to evolve, grow, mature several times throughout our respective lifetimes; well most of us do anyway... Sadly, some individuals stay stagnant; or truly have a horrible/negative disposition about themselves and they sadly ruin everything they touch. This New Year is all about spreading kindness, love & positivity! Let’s make a pact, let’s try our very best to not only think, but vocally affirm POSITIVE things; if we claim positivity into our daily lives, we will see positive changes! The Universe is listening!  Always remember, what you decide to put out into it, is exactly what you will receive in return. If you’re up for the challenge, I look forward to you joining me on this journey for 2015 & beyond!  Enjoy this New Year, it’s filled with hope and opportunity. It’s up to you to make sure you live your best life; after all, we only live this one life, this one time!
Thanks for reading, until next time…
Smooches & Hugs,

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  1. You're Amazing! I can feel all your positive energy all around me and I LOVE IT! I hope 2015 bring greatness to those who strive for it and to my great friend #BrokendownBlackBarbie may the best come to you! Xo EMIT lol


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