Sunday, February 22, 2015

Standing In Your Truth – Life Lesson #2

A few weeks ago, I had a Facebook late-night group text chat with ‘The Uniques.’  The Uniques” are a group of 7 dynamic individuals with beautiful souls & minds.  We’ve bonded with one another over the past few months. Initially, we were connected through the neighborhood in which we grew up in. We all hailed from “Castle Hill Houses,” which is often referred to as, “Castle Hill Projects;” in the great State of New York, located in the county/borough of The Bronx.  Through interactions with one another, it lead to us being ‘tagged,’ in several of the same ‘posts;’ thus, leading us to ‘like’ each other’s comments, and as they say, “the rest is history.” Now we’ve evolved from acquaintances, to friends & family. Our discussions range on everything from the political, social, the spiritual and just regular life events. While having general conversation, the very important topic of “Standing in Your Truth” came up. Within the above title, I say it’s the “Number 2 Life Lesson;” because the absolute cardinal rule is, “The first love is self-love!  If you don’t have self-love, how in the world do you expect to love anyone else? That’s obviously a rhetorical question…  Life has taught most of us, the very important ‘answer’ to the above (question).  If you don’t love yourself in your entirety, you can never live in ‘your truth;’ nor can you truly love another person. In case you’re new to the phrase, or you’ve heard it; but, need more understanding/clarification of what it truly means… “Standing in Your Truth,” can be defined as: purely loving yourself in your totality; this includes all the great stuff, the flaws, quirks and every other complex thing about yourself. We humans, we’re multifaceted beings, and there are so many layers to what makes us who we are as individuals. Everything from genetics, to life’s societal mores, laws, and interactions, play a part in who we are & a small part of that, influences what or who we become.  However, when you get to a certain age, you’re no longer able to use the “how I was raised, or the environment where I’m from,” as excuses to hold oneself back from achieving the greatness that is locked in each and every one of us!
Standing in your truth means, loving and accepting all parts of yourself and being honest with yourself at all times! Never compromise who you are to be in a relationship with anyone. You are never to dim your bright beautiful spirit/light to allow someone else to take a more important & vital role in YOUR life. Trust, that person’s “need to be number one, within the spotlight of your life and theirs,” speaks volumes, in regards to their personal insecurities. These individuals use the ugly tactic of verbal manipulation/abuse against you to both dominate and control you. Essentially, you gave them permission to literally shift and dictate areas of your life. Your need for romantic love, friendship, acceptance, and/or partnership “at all costs”; has clouded your vision. What you once had in the area of self-love mutates to the feelings of disdain & self-loathing. The Parasitic Hosts (no good, abusive women or men) are very successful in their efforts to embed themselves within your mind & methodically inject the venomous seeds of doubt into your psyche. Your uncertainty & weakened spirit is what waters these ‘seeds of doubt’ and now, these negative attributes grow, fester and drown you in sorrow, misery; and you now believe you are somehow ‘less than.”  By taking on these lies, you’ve now become “a product of your environment.”   Even within your weakened state; you still have the power; because they can only grow more powerful with your permission. By you keeping company with this unstable lecherous toxic individual; you allow them access to consistently and continually break you down and suck your spirit from the inside, outward. You have to dig deep, reclaim what’s rightfully yours and expel the parasitic hosts from your life. That is the first step to once again “standing in your truth.” It’s possible, don’t for one second doubt this fact. Whatever you put your mind to, you can & will achieve it!
Stand in your truth, respect yourself and love yourself enough to know you’re amazing, powerful, and dynamic and own these things. By knowing your full worth, you will never, ever allow yourself to be treated as a subservient observer to the narrative that is YOUR life.

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