Friday, April 17, 2015

Ms.Modern.C.I.C.ism 101: Defining & Clarifying MY usage of the word "bish"

Ms.Modern.C.I.C.ism 101: Defining & Clarifying MY usage of the word "bish."  My usage of "bish" is VERY, VERY, VERY different from the commonly used "replacement" for a degrading name (rhymes with witch) & often used to primarily belittle/degrade women. It's not exclusively used to solely slander women; it's often used to demote men as well. When I utilize the word "bish," it's an acronym; it stands for:

This term is not gender specific. It's used to describe detractors/haters; you know "Negative Nelly's" "Sour Sylvester's" "Grimy Gavin's" or "Bitter Becky's."  I'm living in and loving my "journey of positivity."  If you're a regular reader, you will remember back to the very first day of the New Year, in my post entitled "Happy New Year;" I made a pledge, " not only think; but vocally affirm positive things."  I've eliminated individuals that attracted a perpetual state of drama, chaos, confusion & negativity.  In addition, I also switched my mindset to "claim positivity into my daily life." No way would I try to "mess up" my flow and sully my new way of life by degrading another individual in a negative manner.
"BISHES" are like roaches, for every one exterminated, there are millions left. They've endured everything from wars, cholera, Tax Day & changing decades;  but misery is an affliction that sadly many people feel most comfortable inhabiting. They thrive off watching someone's struggle or downfall.
PSA Announcement: If you know, love and/or care for a "bish," please consider holding an intervention for them. By alerting them to their negative behavior(s), you're in essence being a "guiding light" to help that individual choose a better life path.  Only light & love can heal a fractured soul! Be "the light," and if that bish tries to consume & drain your wattage; hit the "off" switch & permanently dim that relationship! Life is too precious to waste it on bishes who refuse to do the internal work to change, improve and grow. 
As always, thank you for reading, until next time...
Sending you all Love, Light & Positivity,

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