Saturday, April 18, 2015

How to Handle Haters 101

How to Handle Haters 101: "If they hate, then let them hate & watch the money pile up!!!" My fellow hip-hop enthusiasts have committed these "words to live by" as a decree on how to 'navigate life.'  They were orated by 50 Cent in his monster hit "In Da Club."  There's a simple formula you can remember to help you keep focused on obtaining/working towards your goals at all times:
"Your dollars = zero cents to hating bishes!"
As defined yesterday, a bish is a Bitter Individual Spewing Hate. This bish doesn't matter in your episode of  "Living Life"<- Oh yeah, I should make a quick mention...that's the new "TV Title" I've assigned for "our episodes" a.k.a. "topics of discussion" LOL. I just crack up and how awesome & creative I am!  Hahahah remember, I already established that "the first love is self-love" in a previous post  :-) and yes, yes, as BeyoncĂ© would say, "I'm feelin' feeling myself!"  but I digress...  After yesterday's post entitled, "Ms.Modern.C.I.C.ism 101," I laid the groundwork on explaining why we must shut bishes completely out of our lives.  They  (bishes) are dangerously toxic & if you inhabit the same air supply with them for too long; their energy WILL rub off on you, which will mess up your entire chi on  like 100 different  levels!  You must continue on your "positivity path" and keep going after & working towards your goals.
Remember, you have to know & believe that your talent, technique & drive will win your race each and every time! We each have our own lane that we're running in to obtain our respective wins. Of course in this analogy, the race is life. We must continue our growth and evolution to constantly propel upwards, continue onward, never veering too far off the path of our goal(s); and continuously move in the forward direction!!  It's about pushing yourself beyond the parameters of your "comfort zone." Be bold & brave to go after what it is that your heart desires; just make sure, your motivation & your skill set/talents can live up to what it is you're working to achieve. 
We often don't realize that when you study, work hard & go after your goals; you're already successful.  Many individuals equate success with monetary reward. Sure, getting paid appropriately or in excess, would be the icing on the proverbial 'cake.' However, hard work in itself is a success, because it shows your intense drive to strive for something diligently. Your resolve & strength show great character and mental focus, as well as maturity. As you continue working, you WILL be noticed and appreciated. Your work WILL touch one person; then a few, eventually... you've lost count, not because you are inundated or can't be bothered. But because, you aren't counting how many times you were the light for someone to help lead them to a better path for their lives. Each time you're able to help another person improve their outlook; well, that just fills up your heart and satisfies your soul - - that's the real reward. You're "paid purely' in the form of joy to your heart & a smile on your face. 
As you forge ahead etching your name/brand into your chosen industry, always remember to remain humble, proceed with dignity, honesty & grace as you continue to successfully climb your way to the top! We all know as we grind HARD, there's always a bish standing where? Over there; yup them, that bish! They're doing what they do best – being a bitter individual spewing hate! They’re wishing and praying for your downfall, they can’t wait to rejoice in your failure. What should you do? Nod at them, not to acknowledge their existence; but, to let them know you can SEE their true intentions. Haters/”Jealous Ones”/Bishes come from the same parasitic family; they thrive solely on the consumption of your downfall! When you let them know they've been "identified" you’ve already take away their “power.” Did I forget to mention some of the biggest bishes can actually be in YOUR group?! Yup, it's true, some bishes are our ‘friends’ & ‘family.’ When you let them know you "peep game" urban colloquialism which is the equivalent of “discovered their true intentions,” as in what scheme they're up to. You know to keep them avoid and/or eliminate an infiltrator. Now you’re free & clear to continue to, "keep rising to the top & give it all you got!"
Thanks for reading! See you next time...
Sending you Love, Light & Positivity!

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